Taylor & Co. C Mason Army 8
Taylor & Co. C Mason Army 8' .38 sp

Taylor & Co. C Mason Army 8" .38 sp

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We love these historical "Missing Links" between the percussion era Colt's and the 1873 SAA. They feel great, they shoot great and they have a definite "Cool" factor in the work they did in the west. These guns were doing work long before the SAA hit the streets. This one is the larger 1860 Army gripframe, as opposed to the smaller Navy/SAA grip frame. for those of you with bigger hands, this should be a definite consideration. Chambered in the economical, Low Recoil, easy to load for .38 special. an absolute joy to shoot and carry. Taylor & Co. Description With patents for the conversion of percussion revolvers, ColtĀ® employees Charles Richards and William Mason cut off the cap-and-ball cylinders at the back and installed a conversion ring to accept cartridges. These conversion revolvers were favorites then and are enjoying popularity again as favorite reproductions. The Army version of the C. Mason revolvers features a steel backstrap and triggerguard, round barrel with front blade sight, and a larger-size Army grip. All C. Mason models feature a case-hardened forged steel frame, blued finish parts, modern ejector rod, and hammer with notched rear sight. Requires an FFL dealer to ship.

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