Taylor & Co. 1886 Take down .45-70
Taylor & Co. 1886 Take down .45-70

Taylor & Co. 1886 Take down .45-70

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Manufactured by Chiappa in Italy for Taylor & Co, is the 1886 Take Down .45-70. 
 Want to be practical for things like Red dots and suppressors, without looking like you just rubbed one out to a Garand Thumb video?
 If you do, this is the rifle for you. 
Practical features like:
 5/8x24 barrel threading w/ knurled thread protector
Fiber optic front sight post 
Rear Ghost ring aperture 
Forward mount Picatinny rail for dot sights or scout scopes 
Take down receiver for compact storage 
Awesome case color finish and bluing 
Large lever loop to accommodate winter gloves 

 What it doesn't feature: 
Skelotonized furniture 
Red ano 
Any other gamer fanboy shit that will make you question your pronouns.

Just a solid, practical straight wall hunting rifle. without all the bullshit.

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