Taylor & Co. 1873 SAA army grip frame 5-1/2
Taylor & Co. 1873 SAA army grip frame 5-1/2' .45 Colt Blue/CH

Taylor & Co. 1873 SAA army grip frame 5-1/2" .45 Colt Blue/CH

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Taylor & Co.'s Pietta version of the famed 1873 SAA with a twist...This was a model that never was, but should have been! The Army SAA features the larger and wider grip frame of the 1860 Army percussion gun, making it much more pleasant to shoot for folks with large hands. Hell, some smaller handed folks prefer it as well. I Don't usually stock a lot of .45 Colt guns, because you can get this in any shop, but the Army grip frame makes this unique enough that we bought some. We like things you don't see in every shop. Typical Taylor quality, very smooth and nicely finished. Would be a great addition to any safe or gunbelt.

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