MOD Outfitters / 3C Medical GSW Kit W/ Vanquest bag
MOD Outfitters / 3C Medical GSW Kit W/ Vanquest bag

MOD Outfitters / 3C Medical GSW Kit W/ Vanquest bag

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Our 3C Medical GSW Med Kit w/ Vanquest Pouch contains the same contents as our original GSW Med Kit, but with an upgrade to the high-quality Vanquest Fat Pack pouch. Measuring only 4.5 x 6.5 x 3.5 inches fully packed, this compact kit fits perfectly on your shooting belt (with optional Molle Sticks or your own Molle attachment straps). Also fits into a backpack or range bag. Available in four color choices including Red,Coyote Tan, Black, and Wolf Gray. 

The 3C Medical Gunshot Wound (GSW) Kit contains the essentials needed to treat life threatening penetrating traumatic injuries including but not limited to gunshot and shrapnel wounds, tension pneumothorax, stab wounds, and hemorrhage.  Kit includes: 
North American Rescue CAT-7 tourniquet (Upgrade to SAM XT TQ for additional fee)

1 NAR 4" ETD trauma dressing

2 Compact Hyfin Vented Chest seals

Duct Tape 18" section

2 4x4 gauze pads

3" Roller Gauze

Compressed wound packing gauze

One 28 Fr Nasal Airway* with lubricant packet 

CPR pocket mask

5.5 inch Trauma Shears

Scratch and Dent kit for treating minor wounds: 2 antibiotic ointment packets; 2 BZK wound Wipes; 4 acetaminophen tabs; 4 Ibuprofen tabs; 2 hand sanitizing wipes; 6 band aids; 2 Lidocaine Burn Gel Pkts; 2 PR disposable nitrile gloves 

Vanquest Fat Pack 4x6 Trauma Pack, choice of Red, Coyote Tan, Black or Wolf Gray

Optional add-on Vanquest Molle Sticks (while supplies last)

An optional Chest Spike add-on option*. 
* Purchase of this item requires advanced training. Please refer to local protocols. Purchase of this item assumes purchaser has received required level of training to perform indicated skills. 

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