MOD Outfitters .36
MOD Outfitters .36 'Richmond Labs' (.390 diam) 147grn conical revolver bullet

MOD Outfitters .36 "Richmond Labs" (.390 diam) 147grn conical revolver bullet

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We absolutely LOVE this historic .36 caliber black powder revolver bullet. These are cast in the fantastic "Eras Gone" bullet mold, which is patterned after the Confederacy's .36 Caliber bullet. A heavier, better penetrating bullet for the colt 1851 Navy, 1861 Navy and confederate guns. These are hand cast from pure lead and individually inspected for quality. *Please note* these are .390 diameter bullets and WILL be harder to seat in normal .36 caliber revolvers. We leave the Richmond bullet unlubed, to facilitate easier paper cartridge loading. They will require the use of lube before firing. Qty 50

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