Cimarron 1847
Cimarron 1847 'Walker .44' Black Powder Revolver

Cimarron 1847 "Walker .44" Black Powder Revolver

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TEXANS: Lend me your ears. Let me tell you a story all Texans should know. June 8th 1844, 15 Texas Rangers encountered 80 Comanche Warriors and a fight ensued. Horseback fights were the specialty of the Comanche, and it is said that a Comanche brave could fire 5-6 Arrows from his bow while mounted in the time it took for a Ranger to fire a single shot, dismount and reload their single shot rifles and pistols. Historically, Texans were at a severe disadvantage in this kind of fight, and were only able to prevail when they had superior numbers. But this time, things would be different… The Rangers, Led by the Legendary Capt. Jack Hays were armed with a new kind of firearm. A five shot revolving pistol manufactured by the “Patent firearms Mfg Co” of Patterson NJ, utilizing Sam Colt’s Patent for revolving cylinder firearms. These “ Patterson” revolvers were purchased for the Texas Republic’s fledgling Navy, and had ended up in the hand of the Texans that day. Utilizing two each of these revolvers, the 15 Rangers were able to prevail against the 80 Comanche after a 3 hour running gunfight, the likes of which had never been seen before, Killing the famed Comanche war Chief “Yellow Wolf”, who was shot in the head. While not a major battle, the history of Texas, The Rangers and Firearms was changed forever. Famous Texas Ranger Capt. Samuel Walker, who was severely wounded by a Comanche lance during the fight, had this to say in correspondence with Samuel Colt after the engagement, regarding his revolvers: “The Texans who have learned their value by practical experience, their confidence in them is unbounded, so much so that they are willing to engage four times their number. Without your pistols we would not have had the confidence to have undertaken such daring adventures. With improvements, I think they can be rendered the most perfect weapon in the world for light mounted troops, which is the only efficient troops that can be placed upon our extensive frontier to keep the various warlike tribes of Indians & marauding Mexicans in subjection. The people throughout Texas are anxious to procure your pistols & I doubt not you would find sale for a large number of them” -Samuel H Walker And thus began one of the most important firearms design collaborations in history. There was only one problem. Samuel Colt and his Patent Firearms Manufacturing Company had failed due to lack of sales and was now defunct. Armed with a new design, made in collaboration with Capt. Walker, Samuel Colt had procured an order for 1000 of these new “ Walker” revolvers , as they have since come to be known. As Colt no longer had a manufacturing facility, the manufacturing was contracted out to Eli Witney Jr. , Son of the inventor of the cotton gin. Although slow to make it to the fight, these guns were used by the Texans to good effect in the US’s war with Mexico, where unfortunately, Capt. Walker was killed carrying a pair of he and Sam Colt’s revolvers that made them both legends. The history of the Texas, the history of the old west and the history of firearms all meet in this legendary gun, The “1847 Walker”. Students of history recognize its place among the most revolutionary firearms of all time. Shooters respect the awesome power that its .44 caliber 60 gun black powder charge brought to the fight. Power that was not equaled in a handgun until the introduction of the .357 Magnum in 1934. Texans should recognize that Gov. Greg Abbott designated the Walker Colt as the “ Official Handgun of Texas” in May of 2021, proclaiming “ I just signed a resolution naming the 1847 Colt Walker pistol the official handgun of Texas.It was invented by a Texas Ranger & was Americas first six-shooter” There could not be a more fitting gun for that honor. Now the question is then my Texan friends, is do you have one? if you do not, are you really as Texan as you think?

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