BE Meyers M249F NSN#1005-01-5263464
BE Meyers M249F NSN#1005-01-5263464

BE Meyers M249F NSN#1005-01-5263464

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Part Number: FH-M249F
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A very, very rare Flash hider from BE Meyers. If you tell your cloner nerd friends about this, they will shit a kitten.
I've seen them priced super high, but I think for the marketplace this is a fair price, and I don't want to have to pay Gunbroker fees...
So here it is, the skinny on it from the web. (If you self identify as a cloner nerd, you should buy this)
Only have one. Out nerd your friends.

The BE Meyers 249 Series Flash Hider fits most AR-15, M4, and M249 style weapons and is lightweight at only 3.5 oz! BE Meyers flash hiders virtually eliminate muzzle flash, preserving night vision while firing, preventing enemy detection of friendly positions and is easy and quick to install. 

In an independent study conducted by JSOC, the BE Meyers Flash Hider rose above the competition as a top performer, and has been the choice of elite military units for nearly two decades!

  • Length: 2.7"
  • Weight: 3.5 oz
  • Crush Washer Included (unlike solid shims in older versions)
*Unlike the description I yanked from the web, this one DOES have, the older style solid shim

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