3C Medical Range Bag med Kit w/ Vanquest bag
3C Medical Range Bag med Kit w/ Vanquest bag

3C Medical Range Bag med Kit w/ Vanquest bag

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The Range Bag Med Kit Vanquest Bag is designed for outdoor sports and shooting sports enthusiasts where life-threatening injuries may be encountered. Small enough for your range bag or backpack, kit components treat a wide range of injuries from minor to catastrophic, life-threatening conditions. Contents include: (2) 4x4 gauze 2 Pr Large disposable Nitrile Gloves 3" Roller Gauze Instant Cold Pack 7.5" Trauma Shears Wound packing gauze 36" section duct tape (2) 3x9 petrolatum gauze occlusive dressing for treating penetrating chest and abdomen wounds North American Rescue CAT - 7 Tourniquet (may upgrade to SAM XT TQ for additional fee) CPR Face Shield Scratch and Dent Kit : 2 triple abx ointment; 2 BZK wound wipes; 4 acetaminophen tab; 4 ibuprofen tab; 1 Aspirin tab; 2 Lidocaine Burn Gel packets, 6 band-aids, 2 hand sanitizing wipes; 1 pr Lg Nitrile disposable gloves; 1 repackable zipper bag Eye Emergency Kit 1 30 ml Eyewash solution; 2 Oval eye pad dressings; roll of medical grade tape 1 Vanquest 5x8 Fat Pack Trauma bag in choice of Coyote Tan, Wolf Gray, Black or Red This kit is intended for the first responder, off-duty professional rescuer, or the layperson with basic first aid skills. Some components, i.e. wound packing gauze, CPR face shield, and tourniquets are suitable for those with bleeding control training including Stop the Bleed and/or advanced skills training including civilian and/or military medic training. With the wide availability of training, and public bleeding control awareness campaigns, it may be advantageous to carry these items in an outdoor/range kit, as other members of the public may have the training but lack this type of equipment in an emergency situation. It is always preferable to seek training for the equipment you carry in your medical kit.

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