3C Medical Offroad Trauma kit W/ Vanquest bag
3C Medical Offroad Trauma kit W/ Vanquest bag

3C Medical Offroad Trauma kit W/ Vanquest bag

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The 3C Medical Off-Road Trauma Kit w/ Vanquest Bag is a comprehensive, compact trauma and medical kit prepares you for most medical emergencies and injuries you might encounter on the road and in off-road recreational activities. This kit features a Vanquest bag in your choice of four colors with an option to add 2 quick-release utility straps so you can attach your bag to your vehicle headrest, or any number of locations. Molle compatible, the full kit measures 10"H x 7" W x 5" deep and weighs only 2.5 lbs. Fold-out design with many compartments and parador elastic retaining cord allows you to keep your components organized and secure in the pouch when opened. Available in Red, Coyote Tan, Wolf Gray or Black. Components include: CAT Gen 7 TQ (May upgrade to SAM XT TQ for additional fee) 2 Hyfin Vent chest seals 2 prs Large Nitrile disposable Gloves 2 4x4 Gauze Duct Tape (36") 2 Triangular Bandage Trauma Shears 7.5" SAM Splint 36" SAM Splint Guide Book First Aid Guide ACE Wrap 3" CoFlex Tape Roller Gauze 3" Mylar Emergency Blanket Instant Cold Pack CPR Face Mask Key ring Eye Emergency Kit 2 Oval eye shield Roll of Adhesive Tape 1 oz eye wash Wound/Meds Kit Sm Steri Strips; Lg steri strips; 2 Alcohol Prep Pads; Benzoin swab; 2 antacid tablets; 1 Benadryl tablet; 1 pkt hydrocortisone cream; 2 Sting-eez wipes; 1 Glucose Gel Scratch and Dent Kit 2 Advil packs; 2 Acetaminophen packs; 1 aspirin pack; 2 antibiotic ointment packs; 2 BZK Wound Wipes; 2 alcohol hand sanitizer wipes; 2 lidocaine burn gel pkts; 6 flexible fabric bandages; Additional pr disposable nitrile gloves Option to add Pair of Black or Tan Utility Straps (1"x40") or Chest Decompression Needle (if trained in use) at checkout.

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