3C Medical / MOD
3C Medical / MOD 'Pocket' Med kit

3C Medical / MOD "Pocket" Med kit

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This is a kit I made for a friend who needed it for everyday around town applications. I liked it so much I decided to throw it up here at a significant savings. 
No, I don't give a flying fuck if you don't like the SWAT T TQ. This isn't a kit for cosplaying para-rescue with your BRCC sipping buddies. It's a kit for the real shit everyday life throws at us, and has a few things for people with a little skill, that can do significantly more. 
Kit includes:
 Vanquest PPM Slim pouch in your choice of colors (Red *Sold out* , Coyote, Gray, Black) 
SWAT T TQ / Pressure bandage (Is it the best TQ? No... Is it the best pressure bandage? Also no. Does it do both those things if you're not fucking stupid? Yep, and as a bonus, it fits in this pouch.) 
Band aids x 4 (Because boo boo's happen a lot) 
BZK Wipes x 2 (Antiseptic wipe that strings less and can be used in sensitive areas. an example might be: For those who want to argue TQ wars, it can also be used on your aching pussy.
Hand Sanitizer wipe x 1 (self explanatory) 
Non Aspirin pain reliever x 2 Aspirin tabs x 1 (if you're a boomer, for headaches.. If not, then you'll probably only use it for a suspected heart attack) 
Burn Gel x 1 (Works for burns but is also a topical pain reliever in general) 
Triple Antibiotic gel x 1 (Nobody wants to get an infection from that paper cut.. Err...I mean clandestine paperwork op) 
4X4 Gauze pad x 2 (Awesome for almost anything ouchie and bleeds) Non adherent pads x2 (Awesome for scrapes etc. Ever had gauze stick to road rash? it sucks) 
Petro gauze x 2 (You can use it like a nonstick or use it as an improvised chest seal / occlusive dressing) 
Duct tape x 36" (You can use this shit for just about anything, makeshift bandages, butterfly dressings, securing improvised occlusive dressings, making a wallet...Whatever) 
Exam gloves x 2prs (gotta keep the critters away) 
5.5" Trauma shears x 1 (Sandy HATES a shitty trauma shear. She likes these and they fit inside the pouch. Win) 
1/2" tape roll x 1 (This tape is incredible for most things. Really good quality and good adherence)

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