3C Medical *Closeout Drop* Doggo Basic
3C Medical *Closeout Drop* Doggo Basic

3C Medical *Closeout Drop* Doggo Basic

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Sandy took stock of all the Dog related items we had left and put together this basic doggo kit for the pet owner serious about their Doggo. Contains: Rothco or Condor pouch (Don't give a fuck if you are a Bag snob... Don't buy it then) (5) 4x4 Gauze Pads (used for the wet to dry bandage we have been using) (2) Non Stick Dressings (these have been invaluable in keeping Wulf's recent wound clean and easy to change) (1) 7.5 Trauma Shear (1) Triangle bandage (works great as a doggo TQ or as an improvised muzzle. Big enough to bandage even the largest of dogs) (1) 3" Roller Gauze (1) Styptic powder - Awesome shit to stop bleeding on all those non compressible dog injuries like torn nails etc. (1) Forceps - Awesome for removing foreign objects - Like Porcupine Quills (1) Plastic Tweezers (1) 4" Coban - Amount the only way to get a bandage to stick to a dogs hair (1) 3" ACE Wrap (2) Pairs Nitrile gloves - Cause dogs get into gross shit (1) Syringe body - For irrigating wounds with potable water (1) Wound kit includes: 2 Sm / 2lg Steri strip wound closures 1 Benzoin swab to help adhere bandages 4 Benadryl (Works on dogs, also a great sedative) 2 Hand sanitizer packets 5 Anti biotic gel packets 5 Burn gel packets - to numb and area so you can work on them. These are lidocaine. We used them on Wulf and they helped us clean his wound a TON 5 Hydrocortisone 5 BZK Wipes - really gentle wound cleansing wipes. Things the deluxe has that this doesn't: Bigger bag Hydrogen peroxide NAR ETD Muzzle Skin Stapler

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